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The PADI Difference
PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world.
No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.

How is PADI Different?

The PADI System of diver education is the most instructional solid system in diving. PADI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. Under the guidance of your professional PADI Instructor, you gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills. PADI Instructors are trained and held to diving’s highest standards, backed up by a solid, proactive quality management system.

Performance-Based Learning
You progress at your own pace as you demonstrate mastery of specific performance requirements essential to becoming a scuba diver. You must earn your PADI certification, but you do so in an encouraging and well-supported learning environment.

Educational Materials
Credentialed instructional designers use state-of-the-art technology and learning theories to create PADI materials with you, the student diver, in mind. Independent study materials, available in a variety of media – online programs, tablet-based apps, manuals, workbooks, multimedia discs, etc. – allow you to learn in a way that works for you. Instructional support materials allow your PADI Instructor to further explain important concepts and verify understanding.

Educational Standards
All PADI programs, from entry-level through scuba instructor training, fall under strict educational standards monitored for worldwide consistency and quality. PADI takes a proactive approach to quality management and randomly surveys PADI Divers to confirm their courses meet PADI’s high standards as well as the divers’ expectations. No other diver training organization works to maintain this level of professional reliability and integrity.

Continuing Diver Education
The fun and enjoyment of being a confident scuba diver is fueled by continuing to improve your scuba skills. Each PADI course builds on the previous one, teaching you skills and techniques when you’re ready to learn them. PADI specialty courses let you explore specific dive interests. Professional-level courses let you live the scuba diving lifestyle by becoming a dive master or scuba instructor.
Since nowadays many things are digital, you can also make the theoretical training on your smartphone or tablet. Instead of spending a day in the classroom, you can even study at home or on vacation, sitting at the pool, with the included "online" learning materials.


INDEPTHS Insurance


Worthy Causes
Dive Master Insurance and Indepths.org are proud to help out the diving community. We work with several organizations that deal directly with divers or the environment in which divers obtain their enjoyment. Without these groups and organizations diving would not be what it is today. Both organizations therefore are dedicated to providing financial support to ensure diving, divers and the environments are cared for.

Diving Diseases Research Centre
The Diving Diseases Research Centre is one of the UK’s longest established and most prolific hyperbaric research organizations. Its depth of knowledge is second to none and Dive Master Insurance has supported its work for many years.
DM sponsored the first Diver Medic Book the DDRC produced, plus helped produce the publications for the Men and Women in Diving survey and the Survey of SCUBA Diving for Disabled Divers.
Dive Master Insurance will continue to support the valuable work of the DDRC because in doing so it is assisting the people who keep Dive Master Insurance in business. Without advancing the knowledge base of the people who assist divers, the dive industry will not develop. A good example of that, is today’s proliferation Dive Master Insurance has a long history of helping the hyperbaric community through the DDRC. of technical divers which only came about thanks to organizations like the DDRC and its research work. Dive Master firmly believes that helping such organizations will ensure the UK diving industry will stay well respected throughout the world.

MV Trident
On 29 September 2010 the ex-dive charter boat the MV Trident was sunk as an artificial reef off the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. INDEPTHS & Dive Master Insurance donated money to the fund set up to bring this new wreck to the area’s divers. INDEPTHS & Dive Master Insurance believe in giving back to the diving community and it has had some terrific support from divers in and visiting Thailand, so when the opportunity arose to be able to help a worthy project it took it.
Artificial reefs are proven to improve the life of both the marine environment and the diving industry in the surrounding area. So instead of just giving money to one business, donating to a community project such as this means we are able to benefit the diving industry.

You will find more information at the Indepths website.

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Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH
Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH or for short, MHW, with its trademark aqua med, is an internationally active company focusing on diving and travel medicine. A key part of the services offered to customers is the provision of medical care worldwide in case of accident or illness.
The basic principle of providing help in an emergency and of "addressing people's medical concerns" has always been the most important factor in what we do. This unique business model is called "assistance".

History of MHW / aqua med
• 1995 Foundation of the Medical Helpline Worldwide in Munich by W. Tannhäuser
• 2001 Foundation of aqua med reise- und tauchmedizin in Bremen by M. Röschmann and R. Beuke
• 2005 / 2006 Acquisition of the Medical Helpline Worldwide and relocation to Bremen. aqua med reise- und tauchmedizin becomes the trademark of MHW
• 2010 aqua med reise- und tauchmedizin becomes aqua med

The advantages of aqua med
Diving is a fascinating sport with fans all over the world. But sometimes they forget that diving (like any sport) also carries risks. In case of an accident, expenses can mount quickly, and usually have to be paid out of their own pocket. There are not many insurance providers who will meet the costs of treating diving accidents (decompression illnesses) in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatment can be very expensive and many diving bases require evidence of the fact that you are covered in case of a claim, together with a corresponding statement confirming the direct billing facility. In some countries, including Spain for example, divers are not allowed in the water without proof of valid insurance.

If treatment in a decompression chamber is required, the cost can quickly run into the thousands or in some cases even tens of thousands of euros – and that doesn’t necessarily include charges for a hospital stay, accommodation and transportation.
That’s why it’s important to have a partner like aqua med on your side, to handle things in case of emergency – from logistics to assumption of costs.

And why should you choose the dive card from aqua med?
Very simple – because we are the assistance service that focuses on you!

For more Info please check their Website.





About us
Established in 1997, Aqua Master has been distributing market leading Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Swimming equipment across Thailand and surrounding countries.

With branches in Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Koh Tao, we pride ourselves on setting the industry standards for customer service and after sales care. Our friendly experienced staff, personal service and comprehensive product range make for an enjoyable experience on any orders made.

We are very proud to be the Aqua Lung Distributor for Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and have set up a network of top quality dealers to ensure that access to the No. 1 manufacturer in this field is easy, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our brands
Aqualung, Aqua Sphere, Deep Sea, Apex, PSI, Whites

We take pride in being been recognized as a leader by the diving industry with products and services of excellence. Our experienced staff, personalized service and products from the world leading brand make it an enjoyable experience every time you do business with us….

A new service which we provide as Aqua Master Partner Center is Try Before You Buy which means you can try selected products on dive before you buy them.
More about TBYB

More about Aqua Master on this website.




About us
Dive Supply Co., Ltd. was founded 1994 in a tiny office in Phuket and has since grown to become South East Asia’s leading distributor of diving equipment and PADI educational materials. We have an established network of Branch Offices and agents covering all corners of Thailand, guaranteeing steady and prompt supply to our customers where ever they are located.

Our head office in Phuket employs 43 permanent staff and includes a large showroom, modern and fully equipped service centre and a warehouse covering 1,500 sqm floor space. Our five branch offices throughout the country are all modern facilities fully equipped and managed by professional teams of owner/managers and their staff members. Our branches are located in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Chang and Phuket.

We are the exclusive distributors for the following brand names, which we have been representing very successfully for many years
Bauer, Pelican, Snapsights, Deep Blue, Poseidon, SubGear, Intovatec, Saekodive, Suunto, Luxfer, Seac (Seacsub), Trident, OMS, Scubapro

We are also the world’s biggest independent re-seller of PADI educational materials.
At Dive Supply we endeavor to offer only the best services to our valued customers. We pride ourselves in providing after sales service second to none in Thailand and our goal is to build mutually beneficial and long term relationships with our customers.

We are committed to provide only the best diving and snorkeling equipment, educational materials and service facilities the diving market has to offer, all at affordable prices and with guaranteed availability at all times. We listen to our customers and strive to meet their needs at all times.

Please check as well the Dive Supply website.




Why Green Fins?
Monitoring of the socio-economic impacts/benefits of coral reefs has been noted as a common and urgent need in the SE Asian region. As a contribution to, and in support of, relevant work undertaken in the region, the US counterpart contributions will be used to initiate a new activity called Green Fins by which a network of dive operators will be asked to offer tours according to a set of environmentally- friendly guidelines.

The dive operators will assist in surveying and keeping track of information on their customers with regard to their knowledge of and behavior in the sea. In addition, the dive operators may help with monitoring coral reefs when they take customers on dive trips.

The Green Fins initiative will strengthen the involvement and role of dive operators as an important stakeholder and partner in the protection, conservation and sustainable use of coral reefs, and will raise the environmental awareness for coral reefs. In support of the Green Fins initiative, capacity building activities and training workshops will be organized as needed.

You will find more information about events at the Green Fins website




Shark Guardian in Thailand
For the advancement of education is Thailand, Shark Guardian has partnered with The Love Wildlife Foundation. Love Wildlife is a non-profit foundation registered in the country of Thailand, and in the State of Texas (U.S.A.) as a foreign non-profit.
Love Wildlife work hard at educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in. This fits in perfectly with the goals and objectives of Shark Guardian UK Charity.

What makes Shark Guardian unique
Like other organizations Shark Guardian is supported by people who care about sharks and marine conservation.
However, what makes Shark Guardian unique and different from other organizations:

- The Shark Guardian team are highly motivated, passionate people who are actively involved in shark diving and shark research
- Shark Guardian is led by professional scuba diving instructors and educators who collectively have thousands of hours of shark diving experience
- Shark Guardian regularly give professional educational presentations about sharks to school students, adults, divers and the general public worldwide
- Shark Guardian educational presentations are state of the art, up to date and specifically adapted for appropriate audiences
- Shark Guardian has an audience of over 20,000 people a year attending our educational presentations in several countries around the world
- Shark Guardian initiated the Thailand eShark Project – the largest citizen science project in Thailand to monitor shark populations
- Shark Guardian produce and develop educational materials in international languages to enhance conservation education
- Shark Guardian actively networks and promotes projects from other organizations for the benefit of shark and marine conservation, maximizing time and resources
- Shark Guardian is a registered UK Charity (#1152654) operating internationally

Please check the Shark Guardian News Blog for more information about events.